Blast Off Activities

This week we are thinking about Paul and Barnabas going on a journey. 


  • What were the Christians doing in Antioch when the Holy Spirit spoke?  

  • Where did Barnabas and Paul go first?  

  • Who did they preach God’s Word to? 

  • How do you think it felt going on such a long journey? 

  • How do you think it felt when the people started to believe in God? 


Family Activity


Look at a map or a globe. Can you find all the places that Paul and Barnabas travelled to? Where are they in the world? How long do you think Paul and Barnabas travelled for? How many miles do you think they journeyed? 


When you go to another country you have to take a passport with you. Can you make your own passport? You can use the template attached to help you. 

When you go on holiday, you also need to pack a suitcase. What would you put in your suitcase? Draw a suitcase or use the template attached and then draw or write all the things you would take with you. 

Blast Off 1.jpg
Blast Off 2.jpg