Blast Off Activities

This week we are thinking about telling others about Jesus.


  • Who were the people in the story?

  • What did the Ethiopian say?

  • What did Philip do and say?

  • Who helped Philip explain the Bible passage to the Ethiopian?

  • Who could we tell about Jesus?

  • How can we tell our friends and family about Jesus?

  • How do we feel about telling our friends about Jesus?  

  • Who could help us tell our friends about Jesus?

Family Activity


The Ethiopian travelled in a horse and cart. Do you think you could use your household furniture and boxes to make a  cart for your family to travel in? (Remember to ask permission before throwing all the cushions on the floor!) 



Make a scroll like the Ethiopian was reading from. You can use the template attached or draw your own one. You could use a wet tea bag or some cold coffee to colour the edges of the scroll. 
On the scroll, you could either write down some of your favourite Bible verses which you could share with a friend, or you could write a promise to God saying that you promise to share the good news of Jesus with your friends. 

Colouring In

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