Sparkers Holy Trinity Sydenham and Fores

Sparklers Activities

This week we are thinking about Paul and Barnabas going on a journey. 


  • Where did Barnabas and Paul go?  

  • How do you think it felt going on such a long journey? 

  • How do you think it felt when the people started to believe in God? 

Family Activity

Look at a map or a globe. Can you find all the places that Paul and Barnabas travelled to? Where are they in the world? 


When you go to another country you have to take a passport with you. Can you make your own passport? You can use the template attached to help you. 

When you go on holiday, you also need to pack a suitcase. What would you put in your suitcase? Draw a suitcase or use the template attached and then draw or write all the things you would take with you. 

Blast Off 1.jpg
Blast Off 2.jpg